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Here are a few common FAQs that we receive. If you can't find the answer to your query here please get in contact with us so we can help you.

Why clean and seal a driveway?
It’s the first impression people get of your home. Keeping it in tip top condition not only makes it look better, it also can add significant selling appeal and value to your home.

Any other benefits?
Yes of course. Regular maintenance of your driveway will not only bring out and enhance the natural colours of the blocks / concrete but it also protects against the effects of frost and rain. Additionally, the modern sealers we use nowadays also provide great UV protection. Also, the replacement of the kiln dried sand (which keeps the blocks in place) physically strengthens the substrate. This alone can add years to the life span of your drive.

Do you clean and seal anything other than driveways?
Yes we do. Although driveways are our most common job, we also clean and seal patio area’s, roofs, pathways, wooden decking etc etc. Roofs can also be treated with special coloured sealants for a completely brand new look.

What will my driveway look like, after you’ve finished?
Nearly all of our customers are unable to believe the transformation. One of the most common phrases we hear on completion is that "It looks better than when we first had it laid".

That sounds great, but my driveway is covered in weeds.
Not a problem. In most cases, the combination of our high pressure rotary and lance cleaning along with re-sanding and sealing, is enough to deal with even the most stubborn weed growth. In exceptional circumstances, we will treat the area with an eco friendly, industrial strength weed inhibitor, one to two weeks before we clean and seal.

What about re-sealing in the future?
Stroud Driveway Cleaning only use the very latest, market leading sealers. Every product we use incorporates ‘Cross Link Technology’. This means we can touch up at any time without having to strip back the original sealers. This is a massive advantage, because when traditional sealing products reach the latter part of their life span, they look faded, begin to craze and often ‘yellow’. You can’t re-coat them without stripping away the original product and that alone can cost more than we probably charge for a complete clean, sand and seal.

Are you competitive?
We certainly are! At a recent trade conference we attended in Bolton, it was established that we operate at around 20% cheaper than the national average on driveway cleaning. Our roof cleaning rates are easily 30% lower than most of the bigger national companies. We also offer a much more personal service and unlike a national, we are local and ideally based to give any aftercare and support that you might need.

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